FNF Followup: 13 Year Old Tongan Receives 30 Million Dollars

If you haven't tried yet, you should try the formula, because it WORKS!  So that means there's a genius Tongan running around that is set for life, right?  Wrong.  


The article is fake.

Here's why:

Let's use some logic for a bit.  $30 million is a heck of a lot of money to throw at a 13 year old.  On top of that, Apple is willing to give him a lifetime scholarship.  What in the world is that?  If I could recruit a genius to work for me, I would want them to work for me as soon as possible.  There's no point in paying them to go to school forever...a lifetime scholarship doesn't make any sense at all.

As for the formula, it worked for my phone number and it worked for my wife's phone number.​ It didn't work for a friend's phone number, so I tried again. The 2nd time, it was correct. I must have made a mistake on the math. BUT, the problem is that my friend is the same age as me and has a different phone number.  That's kind of weird.

Let's think about this for a minute. The formula has only 10 possible variables, yet it claims to correctly identify your age - that's at least 50 possible answers from only 10 starting variables.

Without your birth year, the formula cannot work. If all you have is a phone number, the formula won't work. If you have somebody's birth year, you don't need their phone number to calculate their age.

Another point is Futa Taulava is allegedly a 13-year old 6th grader.  The normal age for a 6th grader in Tonga (and the US) should be 12 years old at maximum. It doesn't really make sense for a math genius that's worth $30 million to be 1 year older than his 6th grade classmates.   Perhaps Futa is a late bloomer or some kind of family situation delayed his progress in school.  His age is odd, but it is possible (although unlikely) for Futa to be a 13-year old 6th grader.

Here are some points where the article and website fail.  Keep your eye out for these things, because websites that have these things are often fake and unreliable.

  • There's no publication date on the article (this helps fake news sites appear to be current, since their stories are never dated)
  • There's no author attributed on the article
  • There's a ton of click-bait articles on the page (fake news sites can earn significate money from ads that readers click on)
  • There's a lot of ​"sex appeal" articles - boobies, butts, and scantily clad bodies (when is the last time you saw a real, newspaper website host material like this)
  • The page has some kind of javascript that prevents copy/pasting and right-clicking (sites that do this are attempting to prevent copying.  it's irritating at best and there is ALWAYS a way around it)
  • Despite have an URL of tv-bbc.com, the site is named Breaking News. Why wouldn't the BBC use it's real name on it's website? (by using a name of a legitimate organization in your URL, it helps you look legitimate)
  • There is no contact method for the Breaking News website. No phone # and no address. (fake news sites don't have time to deal with phone calls and letters. they want revenue when you click on their ads)

The above list are all signs of fakeness, but none of them are definite proof.

Taking pictures from a fake news site and performing a reverse image search on Google can tell you a lot.


After investigating some of the image search results, we find this.  http://www.serialekomediowe.info/serial/mockumentary/jonah-z-tonga/537/odcinki


Same kid, same tie, same posture, same tree in the background.  Here is the proof that the Breaking News site stole a picture from somewhere else, cropped out a kid and used that for their fake news article. According to the page that this image came from, this picture is from a tv series called Jonah from Tonga that aired for 1 season in 2014.

I can't figure out who the character/actor is, but one thing is for sure, a 13-year old that won $30 million dollars probably wouldn't be acting right now and would have definitely been able to afford a photo shoot to get a new picture to celebrate his winnings, instead of using a 3-year old photo from a tv series he was in.​

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