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Where to Start on the Road to Financial Stability

There are so many things that you need to know about to get in control of your finances and there are literally tons of "gurus" ready to give you advice about personal finances.  How do you choose the right person and how do you choose the right "program"?


I am going to start with the assumption that you are not financially stable right now. If you ARE financially stable, that's great also. You can still benefit from this post, you will just start a little further down the road. I have personally read through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and continue to use a lot of the things that I learned to improve my personal finances.

Dave Ramsey is a personal finance guru. I use the term "guru"​ as a sign of respect and a sign of derision. Dave Ramsey has put together a great program called Financial Peace University and I believe it is an absolutely fantastic program for people who are constantly living paycheck to paycheck. FPU will give you a clear path with achievable milestones to get your finances under control.

​Dave's program CAN also work for people who are financially stable because FPU draws out a plan to get from financial instability to stability, then on to prepare for a healthy retirement.  

The only thing that I disagree with Dave is on his complete aversion to credit cards. If you are constantly missing credit card payments and carrying large balances, it is probably best that you cut up your credit cards until you can get your debt under control.  Once you build the self-control, however, credit cards can become a powerful tool to help you get more out of regular, responsible spending.​

Financial Peace University is not cheap, but it's worth it.  I recommend the DVD Home Study Course over anything else.  The DVD Home Study Course will give you access to 9 Baby Steps and will teach you the basics of getting your finances under control and put you on course to properly save for big purchases, your children's education, and your own retirement. 

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